Affiliates/Sponsored Content Policy

My promise to you, the reader & is committed to providing a transparent experience when viewing sponsored content or knowing when a link is an affiliate link. There will be a clear, written notice that the content of this post/page is either sponsored or uses affiliate links.

Sponsorship Disclosure

Any sponsorships, paid posts, paid reviews, or if a product was received to perform a review/post it will be clearly indicated before the main content of the article or in the heading/sub-heading, at least. Further disclosure may be given for unique circumstances (including content required by the sponsor).

Affiliate Disclosure

ChrispyCrunch is a for profit blog. Posts that contain links to affiliate programs will be clearly indicated before the main content of the post similar to this:

Transparency is neat: Affiliate Links makes money with affiliate programs if you purchase or signup for products/services linked in this post or provided code. All views and opinions expressed however are entirely my own. Policy

The neat thing with affiliate programs is that ChrispyCrunch makes money if you purchase/use products/services by using the provided links or codes, but I get to express my own opinions and views on it.