Apple is going ham on the notch

WWDC just happened on June 6, 2022. Apple announced some pretty cool new features for their next-generation iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, and Watch OS. That’s all good, you should look at for all the things they announced. We are here to talk about one thing, the new Macbook Air’s notch.

We don’t typically see new hardware at WWDC, since it is primarily focused on software and developers. This year though, we got something extra special! No, it wasn’t just Craig Federighi’s silly funny odd amazing interesting transitions (love you, Craig!).

From Apple’s WWDC video – 2022

We got new hardware! Not only did Apple show off the magical-looking M2 silicon, but we also got to see it in an updated Macbook Pro and a much-needed updated Macbook Air.

It looks great. I want to touch it. I might get one. I loved my 2013 Macbook Air, it was reliable and fast, I could still edit 1080p video in Final Cut Pro X. I sold it after 5 years and it was still working beautifully. This new design is quite smooth and similar to their other products in their core design. But wait… what is this? A notch? Is this where we are Apple, just going ham on the notch and slapping that on everything?

I honestly thought they would be trying to phase out the notch in favor of a pinhole, but that is just the iPhone line-up. I never expected to see the notch on a Macbook though, and I think think it is pretty funny that they did. Clearly, this is the way Apple wants to go in their designs since it is in a place on a product it doesn’t really belong on in my opinion. I can see why it is there on the iPhone, you need a place to put those sensors. On a laptop though, you are not technically limited to such constraints. Sure it would require some engineering to accomplish, but I doubt Apple doesn’t already know of a way to pack the sensors into the bezels. You have much more horizontal room to use on a laptop display.

“We’re not supposed to talk about the bloody notch, but there’s a notch winking me in the face.” – Austin Powers

It’s an odd blemish on an otherwise beautiful device. Blemish might be a little dramatic, but I just can’t justify it. They don’t have the infamous ‘notch’ on their other Macbooks (yet), so why now? Surely Apple has heard the feedback from critics and users on the notch presenting itself on the iPhone.

“You think the iPhone notch is silly? Wait until you see what we have cooking” – Apple Employee, probably.

Now that I got this notch off my chest, I will wait and see what M2 brings to the table for performance. I might just be willing to put up with the notch, but I’m not going to like doing it. That’s enotch about the notch.

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