Most Popular ASMR Trigger Trends for April 2023: A Tingle-Tastic Month!

ASMR aficionados, it’s that time again! Let’s dive into the top ASMR trigger trends for April 2023. Are you as curious as we are to see which triggers have captured our hearts and minds this month? Keep reading to discover the latest and greatest in the world of soothing sounds and relaxation.

How Was the Data Collected?

To find out the most popular ASMR trigger trends I used the Google API to collect data from YouTube videos. By searching for specific keywords within the videos and counting them based on their view counts within a month, we were able to determine the top trends that resonated with ASMR enthusiasts.

Top 50 ASMR Triggers

Top 50 ASMR Triggers

1. Whispering

Whispering remains a classic favorite, providing soothing sounds and intimate experiences.

2. Tapping

The rhythmic tapping on various surfaces, such as wood, glass, or plastic, continues to resonate with fans.

3. SK

The mysterious "SK" trigger, a soft and repetitive whisper, captivates listeners time and time again.

4. Roleplay

With scenarios ranging from doctor visits to makeup sessions, roleplay videos engage and entertain viewers.

5. Whispers

The gentle, close-up whispers create an intimate and calming atmosphere.

6. Eating

From crunchy snacks to slurping noodles, eating sounds remain a popular choice for many.

7. Personal Attention

Videos featuring skincare routines, eye exams, or gentle face touching provide a comforting sense of connection.

8. Rain

The soothing sound of raindrops on windows or rooftops never fails to create a relaxing ambiance.

9. Brushing

Whether it's mic brushing or hair brushing, these gentle sounds continue to delight ASMR fans.

10. Mouth Sounds

Lip smacking, gum chewing, and other mouth sounds persist as a beloved trigger.

Additional popular triggers in April 2023 included massages, soft-spoken narrations, and immersive binaural audio. From the sound of foam being manipulated to the delicate noise of gloves, ASMR enthusiasts had a wide array of triggers to explore and enjoy.

That wraps up the most popular ASMR trigger trends for April 2023! It’s always fascinating to observe the ever-evolving world of ASMR, with new triggers emerging and old favorites maintaining their popularity. Whether you’re new to ASMR or a seasoned fan, there’s always something fresh and exciting to discover. Happy tingling!

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