Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of Destruction TCG Set Overview

Update (2024-05-12): This page has a new look – No longer are the set details static images, they are now slightly-interactive charts! These are still a work in progress ♥

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set Legacy of Destruction just exploded into the scene. I picked up the rubble and pieced together the data left behind from this set’s destructive capabilities. In my opinion, Legacy of Destruction sets the seeds for future deck tech, keep your eyes out for rogue strategies that will start to churn from this release. I think you will start to see some of these cards make their way into locals and competitive scene, once some of the unique strategies in this set are realized.

Set colors

RGB: 237, 168, 59

RGB: 211, 70, 49

Legacy of Destruction



Including all rarities


Unique cards

Card rarities

Card types

Monster secondary types

Monster types

Monster attributes

Spell types

Trap types

Level / Rank / Link distribution

Top 10 most common words in card text

English and some specific to Yu-Gi-Oh! stop words removed


Monster attack distribution






Monster defense distribution





Common keywords

The bigger the block, the more popular it is.

Target keywords: destroy, gain, summon, negate, target, send, banish, banishment, fusion, synchro, xyz, pendulum, link, ritual, graveyard, GY , deck, hand, field, life points, LP, face-up, face-down, tribute, return, shuffle, flip, activate, remove, attach, equip, material, counter, token, effect, once, twice, thrice

Card awards

Which card has the longest name? shortest name? highest defense? highest attack? most words? highest Link rating? highest level? most characters?

Longest name

Saffira, Divine Dragon of the Voiceless Voice

Shortest name


Blink Out

Highest defense

Supreme King Z-ARC - Synchro Universe

Highest attack

Supreme King Z-ARC - Synchro Universe

Highest Level/Rank

Centur-Ion Auxil
Level 12

Supreme King Z-ARC - Synchro Universe
Level 12

Highest Link rating

Ragnaraika the Evil Seed
LINK - 5

Most words

Ragnaraika the Evil Seed
112 words

Most characters

Ragnaraika the Evil Seed
492 characters

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