The 20 ASMR Triggers Making Waves in 2023: Mid-Year Review

Ready to ride the sensory waves of 2023? Halfway through the year, and the ASMR universe is already brimming with fascinating trends. Are the classic triggers still tickling the senses or have newcomers stormed the auditory scene? How about the resurgence of old favorites? After all, in the realm of ASMR, what’s old can become new, and what’s new can become a sensation overnight. So, put on those comfy headphones, because you’re about to dive into the top 20 ASMR triggers making waves this year. Spoiler alert: you’re in for some tingling surprises! Buckle up, it’s time to embark on this mid-year auditory review!

How Was the Data Collected?

To find out the most popular ASMR trigger trends I used the Google API to collect data from YouTube videos. By searching for specific keywords within the videos and counting them based on their view counts within a month, we were able to determine the top trends that resonated with ASMR enthusiasts.

Top 20 ASMR triggers for 2023 so far

Top 20 ASMR triggers for 2023 so far

Jan. 1, 2023 > June 30, 2023

Let’s take a look!

1. Tapping

Tapping is a go-to trigger for many ASMR artists. It involves creating a rhythmic pattern by lightly tapping fingers on various surfaces. This could be anything from a wooden table to a glass bottle or even a book cover. The different materials produce unique sounds, catering to a wide range of auditory preferences.

2. Roleplay

Roleplay triggers transport listeners into a variety of scenarios through imaginative storytelling. The ASMR artist could be acting as a hairdresser, doctor, or even a mystical creature. It's the interplay of voice modulation, props, and background noises that create a compelling and immersive soundscape.

3. Mouth Sounds

Mouth sounds revolve around the noises produced by the artist's mouth and lips. They can vary from subtle smacking sounds, tongue clicking, to the exaggerated enunciation of words. The variety and intimacy of these sounds are known to induce a strong ASMR response in many listeners.

4. SK

The SK trigger is a unique one, known for its soothing effect. ASMR artists repetitively whisper or softly say the "SK" sound, often in conjunction with other soft noises. The constant, rhythmic pattern offers a sense of calm, proving effective for relaxation and sleep.

5. Whispering

Whispering remains a classic favorite in the ASMR realm. The gentle hushes and soft-spoken words can elicit a sense of intimacy and tranquility. Artists often use a binaural microphone for whispering, giving listeners the sensation of the whisper occurring right next to their ear.

6. Personal Attention

Personal attention triggers aim to create a sense of care and focus on the listener. It can involve simulated actions like a face massage, hair brushing, or careful examination. The combination of calming sounds and the perception of being cared for contributes to a strong ASMR reaction.

7. Massage

Massage in ASMR often involves the artist simulating a massage using props, or even massaging their own hands or arms. The visual component combined with the soft, rhythmic sounds can evoke a strong sensation of relaxation and mimic the soothing experience of a real-life massage.

8. Whispers

Similar to whispering, whispers involve quiet, breathy, and sometimes inaudible speech. It might be a story, random words, or even nonsensical phrases. The point is to trigger ASMR through the soft sounds and rhythmic cadence of hushed voices.

9. Scratching

Scratching is another tactile trigger, involving the artist scratching different surfaces with their nails or a tool. The type of material being scratched can greatly affect the sound, leading to a plethora of audio experiences, from the rough grating of wood to the softer scratching on fabric.

10. Rain

Rain sounds are a beloved trigger, known for their natural, soothing rhythm. ASMR artists recreate rain sounds with a variety of techniques, such as dropping rice on a surface or using pre-recorded sounds. The predictable, steady pattern of raindrops is a surefire way to relaxation.

11. Makeup

Makeup triggers combine visual and auditory stimuli. The artist might pretend to apply makeup on the viewer or apply makeup on themselves, incorporating sounds of brushes sweeping across surfaces, tapping on makeup containers, or the rustling of a makeup bag.

12. Soft Spoken

Soft-spoken triggers involve the artist speaking in a gentle, soothing voice, which is often combined with positive affirmations or calming narratives. This trigger not only brings about relaxation but can also instill a sense of well-being and positivity in the listener.

13. Brushing

Brushing triggers primarily involve the sound of a brush moving across a surface, such as a microphone, canvas, or even the artist's own hair. The soft, consistent sounds can mimic the sensation of being lightly touched, evoking relaxation and calmness.

14. Cleaning

Cleaning as an ASMR trigger revolves around the sounds and visuals associated with cleaning tasks. It can range from the soft scrubbing sounds, the swoosh of a broom, or the spray of a cleaning solution. The simplicity and routine nature of cleaning activities can surprisingly be a source of relaxation for many.

15. Eating

Eating triggers, often referred to as mukbang in the ASMR community, involve the artist consuming food and focusing on the sounds produced. The range of eating sounds - from the crunch of crispy food, the slurp of noodles, to the soft chew of marshmallows, offers a buffet of auditory sensations.

16. Water

Water sounds are a mainstay in the world of ASMR. The gentle babbling of a brook, the pitter-patter of raindrops, or the splash and swirl of water in a bowl can all be used to create a soothing, organic soundscape. These natural sounds provide an auditory retreat, transporting listeners to tranquil settings.

17. Wood

Wood triggers often involve sounds made by manipulating wooden objects. This could be tapping, scratching, or rubbing on a wooden surface. The sound produced is usually deeper and resonates differently compared to other materials, offering a unique auditory experience to the listener.

18. Cranial Nerve Exam

Cranial nerve exam is a popular roleplay scenario in the ASMR community. The artist pretends to conduct a gentle medical examination on the viewer, often including a mix of whispers, personal attention, light movements, and a variety of tool sounds. It is highly effective due to its immersive and care-giving nature.

19. Foam

Foam triggers involve manipulating foam or foam-like materials to produce an array of sounds. Whether it's the squishing of floral foam, the crinkling of foam packaging, or the soft tapping on a foam microphone cover, these sounds can create an engaging auditory experience.

20. Binaural

Binaural triggers involve recording sounds in a way that mimics how humans naturally hear, creating a 3D stereo sound sensation for the listener. This technique gives the listener the sensation of presence, as if they're in the same room as the ASMR artist, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

As the year continues to unfold, we can’t help but be excited about where these trends will take us. Whether you’re an avid ASMR enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these triggers offer an entrancing gateway into the world of sound-induced relaxation. So, pop in your headphones, select your favorite trigger, and prepare to ride the waves of soothing, tingling bliss. Until next time, stay curious, stay calm, and keep exploring the wonderful world of ASMR!

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