I was accidentally unkillable in Vampire Survivors

Divano Thelma, an unlockable & playable character in Vampire Survivors, can be literally unkillable and I love it

This is not a sponsored post, simply put, I love the game Vampire Survivors by Luca Galante. It’s a simple to pick up and tricky to master early-access game available on Steam. You play as one of many (and with more possibly on the way) characters that you unlock by playing on different maps and completing different hidden unlock criteria. Each of these characters wields a different weapon allowing you to slay a wide variety of enemies, along with their own attribute bonuses.

Playing as Mask of the Death in Vampire Survivors. It’s a beautiful display of destruction.
Using the “Infinite Corridor”
Unicorn Vomit Mode: Activated

You upgrade and evolve items during each run based on some luck and map-based items. That sounds pretty normal, right? Well, Vampire Survivors turns it all up to 11, to the point where it becomes a mesmerizing display of carnage. All the attacks are automatic, you just need to lead your character in the right direction.

Divano Themla, an unlockable and playable character may seem like a squishy caster type if you have played any fantasy/roleplaying games. NOPE! Divano is a tank, and under the right conditions as I found out, can become virtually unkillable. Divano’s special ability boosts their armor stat up to +5 AND provides +1.0 to recovery. Plus Divano’s starting weapon is Laurel. If that didn’t make any sense to you, no worries, it just means Divano is a defensive powerhouse. Typically once you reach the end of the stage, you are met with a grim reaper-looking creature that usually one-shots you out of existence. I was attempting to unlock this reaper creature as a playable character (Mask of the Red Death) which requires you to defeat the said creature.

However, since I unintentionally messed up the items I picked and evolved, then I didn’t realize Red Death’s HP is based on your level. Basically, I couldn’t kill it, and it couldn’t kill me. I ended up just quitting the run after 122 minutes, with no sign of an end in sight. To be honest, I don’t think it would have ended. We would be in an eternal dance of not-death, or at least until one of the Red Deaths died.

The “Unkillable” build as I am calling it


  • Clock Lancet
  • King Bible
  • Soul Eater
  • Bloody Tear
  • La Borra
  • Crimson Shroud

Passive Items

  • Attractorb
  • Empty Tome
  • Pummarola
  • Metagilo Left
  • Metagilo Right
  • Silver Ring
  • Gold Ring
  • Hollow Heart
  • Stone Mask

I don’t recommend actually using this build, but it is a neat look at the possibilities with Vampire Survivors. I thought what I had accomplished was really cool. Vampire Survivors has so many neat builds and approaches based on how you want to play. At the time of writing is $2.99 CAD/USD. Though the game is early access, I’ve played for more than 35 hours and enjoyed every minute. I can honestly say this is one of the best things I have purchased for $3. Something I find really neat about this game is that it was developed using the open-source HTML5 framework Phaser. Thank you Luca Galante for making this game.

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